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Faculty Cluster Hire Initiative

Research Clusters


As the world shifts, the scope of scholarship must broaden to match it. Our cluster initiative invites experts from varied backgrounds to gather around the support, resources, and multifaceted research community at Hofstra University.

This interdisciplinary cluster approach demands diverse perspectives. Hofstra’s investments in collaborative scholarship create a haven for inquisitive minds – particularly those whose research interests do not fit neatly within a single discipline. 

Faculty at Hofstra are scholars and mentors and bring both their scholarly expertise and life experiences. This holistic approach raises the caliber of research that emerges from Hofstra’s academic community and expands opportunities for faculty and students to shape the future.

The Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has established four tenure-track positions within its Big Data and Computational Research Cluster. This multidisciplinary alliance between the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy, and Mathematics will highlight scholars who perform computational work or practice computational approaches in these fields. We are particularly interested in collaboration between domain experts and computational researchers whose research involves big data and wider applications for computational data analysis technologies.

Big Data

We seek faculty committed to collaborating at several levels: Beyond uniting with the computational cohort to develop undergraduate classes and research initiatives, candidates should demonstrate a readiness to work directly with undergraduates. This includes establishing and maintaining a vibrant research program accessible to undergraduate research students and seeking external funding.

Faculty recruited through this initiative will have access to state-of-the-art computing facilities, including a High-Performance Computing Cluster that includes a graphical processing unit for artificial intelligence, machine learning, scientific computing, and interdisciplinary research as well as a Natural Sciences Computer Cluster.


The Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has established three tenure-track positions in the humanities, one in the department of English and two in the department of Writing Studies and Rhetoric. The two departments seek scholars dedicated to antiracist, decolonial, intersectional, diasporic and/or transnational approaches to scholarship and teaching.