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Guidelines for Funding of Student Conference Presentations

Graduate and Undergraduate Research Funding to Support Scholar Presentation at Professional Conferences: Procedures

Rationale: Graduate and Undergraduate research scholars are encouraged to engage in advanced research in their major and make discipline-related presentations at professional conferences.

Eligible Scholars: The Office of the Provost will contribute research funds  to support travel and/or registration expenses for graduate and undergraduate scholars who make research presentations or participate in discipline-related competitions, based on advanced work  in the major field, a capstone experience, and in fulfillment of departmental honors.

Funding Availability: Graduate and Undergraduate Research funding for first time scholars may cover registration expenses and travel to distant locations. Additional funding may be available in the school/department.

Initial Recommendation Process:Mentoring faculty should send an email recommendation to the School Dean and to Elfreda V. Blue, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Comila Shahani-Denning, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (for graduate students) in the Provost’s Office outlining 1) conference name, date, and location, and 2) email/letter from conference leaders to the student confirming acceptance to present at the conference.

Without this information, funding from the Provost Office is not guaranteed.

Funding Allocation:In order to receive funds from the Dean’s Office and the Provost’s Office, scholars should submit receipts for travel through their faculty mentor to the department or school. The Dean’s Office should assemble documents, review, sign off, and send the check requisition and expense report to the Provost’s Office Elfreda Blue for the undergraduate students and Comila Shahani-Denning for the graduate students   for their signature.

Publication of Research: Scholars should plan to present their research at the next Graduate or Undergraduate Research Day. Scholars are encouraged to submit their research presentation to the Research and Creativity Forum.