Provost's Office

Undergraduate and Graduate Research Days

Welcome to a celebration of Undergraduate and Graduate Research across the disciplines.

Advanced student research continues throughout the year in all disciplines and, after months of hard work, merits the opportunity for presentation, recognition, and applause!

Each student’s presentation marks the culmination of intense individual or team research, in books or in the lab, in the field or studio or on stage, often with moments of anguish, uncertainty, frustration, but also happy discovery, satisfaction, enthusiasm, relief, and -- revision, revision, revision. There’s a reason it’s called a discipline! The culmination of a student’s work in that discipline reflects the mastery of both methods and foundational knowledge, and a transition to advanced degrees or professional life.



As vice provost for graduate and undergraduate studies, I am happy to help make visible to the University community in general the outstanding work by highly motivated student researchers in their respective departments all around the University under the guidance of experienced and engaged faculty members. The presentation of research, the sharing of knowledge, is the life-blood of the academic enterprise, and we all benefit from knowing what our hardest-working, most advanced students have accomplished.

We all can join in applauding the work of both the students, who work hard over many months after years of coursework in their field, and their faculty mentors, who advise and supervise over months and years, with best wishes for continued success!

The students enjoy your questions and comments and attention!

Elfreda V. Blue, PhD
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies