About Us

The Hofstra University Department of Psychology offers a comprehensive undergraduate program in the scientific study of the mind and behavior. Students learn the methods, theories, and research pertaining to diverse areas of psychology such as cognitive science (including perception, cognitive psychology, and behavioral neuroscience), child development, human and animal learning, abnormal psychology, and social psychology. Along with a grounding in core areas, students can take classes in specific applied areas such as health psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, and psychology and the law.

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Mission Statement

Psychology is the science of behavior and the physiological and cognitive processes associated with behavior.

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Emily E. Barkley-Levenson
Director of the Undergraduate program in Psychology

Kevin Nolan
Director of the Master's program in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Paul Meller
Director of the PsyD program in School-Community Psychology

William Sanderson
Director of the PhD program in Clinical Psychology

Rebecca Grossman
Director of the PhD program in Applied Organizational Psychology


Meet the faculty of the Department of Psychology.

Faculty Interests

Approximately 30 full-time psychologists are available in the department to provide guidance about specific areas in psychology. Feel free to consult with us.

  • Animal Behavior: Dr. Pineño
  • Behavior Analysis: Drs. Gilbert and Schare
  • Clinical Psychology (Adult): Drs. Gilbert, Guthman, Sanderson, Schare, and Serper
  • Clinical Psychology (Child): Drs. Gilbert, Ohr, and Scardapane
  • Community Psychology: Drs. Froh, Meller, Motta, and Tsytsarev
  • Cognitive Psychology: Drs. Masnick, Ploran, and Weingartner
  • Cross-Cultural/Ethnic Psychology: Drs. Shin and Tsytsarev
  • Developmental Psychology: Drs. Cox, Flaton, Gilbert, Masnick, Meller, Ohr, Shin, and Valenti
  • Educational Psychology: Drs. Cox, Masnick, and Ploran
  • Evolutionary Psychology: Dr. Sanderson
  • Forensic Psychology: Drs. Flaton and Tsytsarev
  • Health Psychology: Drs. Novak and Schare
  • Industrial/Organizational: Drs. Grossman, Liu, Nolan, Shahani-Denning, and Shapiro
  • Neuroscience/Neuropsychology: Drs. Barkley-Levenson, Ploran, Serper, and Shafritz
  • Positive Psychology: Dr. Froh
  • Psychometrics/Quantitative Psychology: Dr. Dill
  • Psychopathology: Drs. Sanderson, Schare, Serper, and Shafritz
  • School Psychology: Drs. Froh, Gilbert, Meller, Motta, Ohr, and Scardapane
  • Social Psychology: Drs. Johnson and Novak