Public Safety


Safe Walk Program

Student Patrol officers and Public Safety officers are available daily between dusk and dawn to walk any member of the Hofstra community to their car or residence hall. Student Patrol officers receive special training, are equipped with Hofstra University radios, and assist the Department of Public Safety in reporting any suspicious activity. Student Patrol officers wear blue shirts and yellow jackets for easy identification. When you need an escort, call 516-463-6606 and either a Public Safety Officer or Student Patrol Officer will provide assistance.


The Hofstra University shuttle bus provides the Hofstra community with transportation throughout the campus. There are also scheduled stops at the Long Island Rail Road, as well as at local shopping centers and restaurants. For schedules and information, visit our website, stop by the David S. Mack Public Safety and Information Center, or call 516-463-7878.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found is located in the David S. Mack Public Safety and Information Center and is open 24 hours a day. You may call 516-463-6606 to inquire about a lost item. Recovered items may be claimed after proper identification has been produced.

Victim Assistance Program

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to report incidents of crime. The Department of Public Safety will assist in reporting incidents to the police and, if necessary, will provide assistance dealing with the court system. The Department of Public Safety will also assist in obtaining other necessary services such as medical and counseling services.

Campus Patrols

Public Safety officers patrol the campus on foot and bicycles and in patrol vehicles. Officers also patrol academic and residential buildings.

Preferred Pathway

Hofstra University wants all members of the Hofstra community to feel comfortable when accessing buildings during the evening and at night. Therefore, we created a preferred pathway that provides access to most University buildings. The Physical Plant Department has provided lighting for the whole pathway and Public Safety has lined the pathway with emergency telephones and increased the patrols. We recommend that if you need to get to a building in the evening hours, you utilize this pathway.


Parking is available for all vehicles registered with the Department of Public Safety. Prompt registration of vehicles (including changes in state license plate numbers when necessary), proper display of the University parking permit and hang tag, and observance of all parking regulations are required to retain these privileges. There is no fee for parking permits. Parking permits and hang tags may be obtained at the Department of Public Safety Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.. Copies of campus vehicle regulations are also available. Parking for individuals with disabilities is available for those who receive authorization from the Hofstra Student Health and Counseling Center. The proper parking permit must be displayed.

If you were issued a parking ticket by Hofstra University, please visit the Hofstra University Parking Ticket System to take action.   

Emergency Telephones

Emergency telephones are located throughout the campus at the following locations: