Register / Withdraw from Classes

How to Register for Classes

Log in to your portal using your student ID and password.
On the left hand side of the main screen, click on "Menu," and then "Student Services" (second to last menu option).
Under "Registration" (second heading) these are your options for navigation:

Add/Drop Classes:

Select a term, hit "Submit

Current schedule
Lists all classes currently registered for. You can choose an “Action" from the drop-down menu next to a course CRN. This option is “web drop” or “web withdrawal” depending on the point in the term.

Add Classes Worksheet
The student can input one CRN code per box to add course(s) to the semester. All changes will be saved once the student hits the “submit changes” on the bottom of the page.

Class search
The button at the bottom of the page will bring you to the “Look up classes to add” option, details below.


Look Up Classes to Add:

Search Criteria

Subject: You can leave this option on “All” to search through all courses available, or you can select a specific subject, such as “Art History” or “Sociology."

Course Number: If you know the course you are interested in taking (e.g., ACCT 101), you can input the course number (e.g., 101) here and the results will be all courses with that course number, across all disciplines

Title: This allows you to narrow your search results by course title phrases. If you know you’re interested in taking an “intro” course, or if you’d like to see if any class titles feature the world “writing,” you would put either of those words in this section to narrow your search results to courses titled with these phrases.

Credit Range: If you know you are interested in taking a class with a specific amount of credits, you can input a credit range to narrow the search results to those courses. For example, if you are looking for a 2-credit class for your schedule, you can input “2” in each “credit range” field and you will be shown all classes offered during the selected term that are 2-credit hours.

Part of Term: If you are looking for courses that are assigned a specific part of term, you would use the options presented here. Most classes run for a “full term,” but there are some “half semester” courses available. Be mindful of the start and end dates of “half semester” courses, as they could run the first half or last half, and do not necessarily have the same start and end dates as the rest of the “full-term” courses.

Duration: If you are looking to take classes of a specific duration, you can use this option. For example, you can look for a course that is running for exactly three months by putting “3” in the blank duration box and selecting “months” from the drop-down menu.

Instructor: If you are looking to take courses taught by specific instructors, you would search for the instructor’s name here and select them from the list. Your search results will then only show you courses being taught by said professor during that term.

Session: If you are a first-year student, you are able to search for courses that are specifically listed under “first-year clusters.” When searching for a cluster, you will want to select this option.

Distribution & Attribute Type: If you are looking to select a class to satisfy a distribution credit, or a course by attribute type, you can make a selection from this list. For example, if you need to satisfy one more CC-Cross Cultural credit in order to graduate, you would select this as part of your search criteria to narrow the results.

Start Time/End Time: If you are looking to fill a gap in your schedule, choosing specific start or end times for your classes can help you narrow your search results to see what classes are available during that time. You can use these functions together or separately. For example, if you are simply looking to take a class that ends by 2 p.m., you would list the “end time” as being 2 p.m. and the results would only show classes that are over by that time. If you are looking for a class to fill a spot between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., you can input both of those times and you will only be shown classes within that window of time.

Days: If you are looking to add a course to your schedule that is held on a specific day, you can check the box next to each day you are looking to add a class to. For example, if you are looking specifically for a class that runs on Tuesday and Thursdays, you would place a check in the box “[ ] Tue” and the box “[ ] Thur.” If you are perhaps looking for a class held just on Friday, you would only select “[ ] Fri,” and be shown classes held on Fridays.

When you have input all search criteria, hit “class search.” And your results will load. If you would like to reset your search criteria to blank, hit “reset.”

After hitting “class search,” if you see the message “No classes were found that meet your search criteria,” hit “new search” and try adjusting your criteria to find a class that will best suit your needs during the selected term. “New Search” will bring you back to the “look up classes to add” page.

If you see a class that you would like to register for, check the box under the “select” column of the search results next to the class you are interested in. Once you have made all of your class selections, you can click “add to worksheet” to add the classes to the registration worksheet overviewed above.

Once you are happy with your class selections, click “submit changes” to register for the courses.

Student Schedule by Day and Time:

Selecting this option will show the student a weekly calendar with their registered classes. Any “DL” (distance learning) classes or independent studies will not show on the calendar but will show “courses without assigned meeting times.” Students can adjust the week they are viewing the calendar by submitting a date from the past or the future in the “go to (MM/DD/YYY)” option.

Student Detailed Schedule:

Selecting this option will show the student the details about their registered classes during the selected term.


Check Your Registration Status:

Selecting this option will show you details that are equivalent to a “health checkup” for your registration status. This will show any holds on your account that may keep you from registering, what time you are permitted to register if registration has not yet opened for you, whether or not you are in good academic standing, and your student status and class standing. This option also shows you your currently earned credits, your curriculum information, and the names and contacts of your success team.

Concise Student Schedule:

Selecting this option shows a concise student schedule, which presents fewer information than the “detailed” schedule, but still lists the course numbers, courses titles, CRNs, credits, levels, start and end dates, scheduled meeting days/times, and instructor’s name for your registered courses during the selected term.