Grant and Contract Proposal Submission:

Local Approval Process



Grant applications and contract proposals to outside organizations submitted under the aegis of Hofstra University are subject to prior review and approval by appropriate institutional officials. In all cases, these proposals must be reviewed and approved by the department chairs and deans of all faculty members who would participate in the proposed project. In addition, proposals are subject to review by the Office for Research and Sponsored Programs, which also secures the review and approval of the University comptroller and provost. From time to time, other approval signatures may also be required, depending upon the nature of your proposed work. For example, special approvals may be required if your proposed project involves humans or animals as research subjects; major expenditures in computing equipment and software; renovations to existing facilities; or the production of hazardous wastes. The Office for Research and Sponsored Programs can be helpful in identifying these special features and securing necessary approvals.

To aid in recording approvals, a local approval form was developed, the Grant and Contract Proposal Review Form. The form is available in hard copy from the Office for Research and Sponsored Programs (ext. 3-6810) or online in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) or MS Word formats. We urge you to look upon this form as a helpful guide or checklist. The fundamental goal of this form is to provide you, the University, and your potential sponsor with an assurance that proper preparations have been made in an effort to ensure that your proposed project can be carried out completely and successfully. Grant applicants are urged to enlist the assistance of a representative of the Office for Research and Sponsored Programs when completing the local approval form.

All signatories should be given a reasonable opportunity to review the complete proposal. Therefore, it is requested that grant applicants provide a copy of all materials intended for submission to a potential sponsor - or minimally consult with appropriate signatories - at least two weeks in advance of the proposal due date. We urge you to consult early and often with the Office for Research and Sponsored Programs as you develop your proposal. Keep in mind that we can provide you with a wide range of services and that we are very familiar with budgeting processes and administrative requirements (forms) of many agencies and nonprofit associations.