Research and Sponsored Programs

RHC Research Assistants Program

The RHC Research Assistants Program creates opportunities for qualified Stuart and Nancy Rabinowitz Honors College students to serve as paid research assistants to faculty across different fields and programs at Hofstra University. Student learning is amplified when undergraduates can apply the knowledge they have learned in the classroom to solving real-life problems in professional research settings. The program began in the spring 2017 semester, with 13 research assistantships awarded from a pool of 41 applicants. This past fall, we awarded 21 research assistantships across a myriad of disciplines.

For more information, contact Dr. Warren Frisina, Dean of the Rabinowitz Honors College, at, or Dr. Tomeka Robinson, Senior Associate Dean, at

Department of History

Bigio Andie
Major: History, Jewish Studies
Faculty Mentor: Simon Doubleday

Botros Molly
Major: Political Science, Economics
Faculty Mentor: Simon Doubleday

Department of English

Bowles Sara
Major: Music Business
Faculty Mentor: Kelly McMasters

Zucker School of Medicine

Chaudhry Henna
Major: Chemistry, Neuroscience
Faculty Mentor: Elisabeth Schlegel

Doherty Jessica
Major: Pre-Physicians Assistant Studies
Faculty Mentors: Saori Herman, Stacy Posillico, & Jaclyn Vialet

Department of Chemistry

Gong Sam
Major: Forensic Science
Faculty Mentor: Ling Huang

Department of Mathematics

Homan Skylar
Major: Computer Science/Mathematics
Faculty Mentor: Kira Adaricheva

Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Kim Erin
Major: Speech-Lang Hearing Sci
Faculty Mentor: Susan DeMetropolis

Zucker School of Medicine

LeConey Tess
Major: Drama, Psychology
Faculty Mentors: Alice Fornari & Judith Brenner

Department of Radio/TV/Film & Writing Studies & Rhetoric

Leight Dalton
Major: Computer Science
Faculty Mentors: Aashish Kumar & Lisa Merrill

Department of Management and Entrepreneurship

Livichuzhca Malissa
Major: Business Analytics
Faculty Mentor: Shu Yang

Department of Engineering

Mathews Aidan
Major: Biology
Faculty Mentor: Roche C. de Guzman

Department of Library Operations

Mendez Dario
Major: Film Studies & Production & Psychology
Faculty Mentor:  David Woolwine

Department of Engineering

Miller Gabriela
Major: Bioengineering
Faculty Mentor: Sina Rabbany

Department of Computer Science

Raymond Michael
Major: Computer Science, Cybersecurity
Faculty Mentor: Xiang Fu

Department of Chemistry

Sanchez Laura
Major: Biochemistry
Faculty Mentor: Daniel Miller

Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Tast Anna
Major: Speech-Lang Hearing Sci
Faculty Mentor: Akshay Maggu

Department of Engineering

Moy Lillian
Major: Civil Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Edward Segal

Department of Political Science

Allen Peri
Major: Journalism
Faculty Mentor: Meena Bose

Department of Journalism, Media Studies, Public Relations

Browning  Erynne
Major: Journalism, Political Science
Faculty Mentor: Nicole Clarity

Department of Finance

Dham Akshay
Major: Finance
Faculty Mentor: Ehsan Nibakht

"Research Pays Off" – News@Hofstra

Students are working as paid research assistants on faculty projects ranging from developing rapid screening for designer opioids to studying child labor practices in South Asia as part of a new initiative from the Stuart and Nancy Rabinowitz Honors College. The Rabinowitz Honors College Research Assistants Program promotes faculty-student research collaborations in disciplines such as biology, engineering, fine arts, marketing, film, and political science, and allows students to gain valuable practical skills while providing much needed staffing for ongoing faculty projects. Current research teams are working on projects as diverse as assessing cancer biomarkers, analyzing government and community interactions during the Flint water crisis, and studying entrepreneurship trends among immigrants.
"Research Pays Off" – News@Hofstra [Read more]