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The Office of Residence Life has partnered with Dormify to provide Hofstra students with a convenient, affordable way to purchase all of their campus living needs, including extra-long twin sheets, comforters, and matching towels. For more information, please visit Dormify at

CSI Campus Specialties, MicroFridge Rental Unit Provider

The Office of Residence Life utilizes CSI:Campus Specialties Inc. as our exclusive provider of refrigerator and microwave combination ("MicroFridge") rental units. Not only do the MicroFridge units offer plenty of space for both roommates, but they can easily be ordered online with just a few clicks! For more information about renting a MicroFridge, please visit

Micro Fridge with Safe Plug | Click here to Rent Your MicroFridge | Move-In Day just got much easier! | | 1.800.525.7307


  • Should you have any issues or concerns regarding your MicroFridge Unit, please call 800-525-7307. You can also visit and click on the "contact" tab.
  • If a student moves out midsemester and is renting a MicroFridge Unit, the student must clear all food items from the unit. Once the unit is wiped down and empty of all food, it should be unplugged from the wall and the fridge/freezer doors left open. From there CSI Campus Specialties will work with Residential Operations to retrieve the unit.
  • If a student moves to another room, the student must notify CSI Campus Specialities by calling 800-525-7307 or visiting, so that the vendor can update their records. It is the student's responsibility to move the microfridge to their new room.

**For each unit rented, Hofstra receives compensation in the form of a commission that is used to support student services.**