Saltzman Center

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Clinic

The Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Clinic works with clients who are:

  • Suffering with chronic pain that is interfering with their quality of life
  • Overwhelmed by anxiety
  • Stressed by work, family, and/or unmanageable finances
  • Struggling with pessimistic thoughts and painful memories

Acceptance and commitment therapy aims to free clients from the grip of emotional and/or physical pain, teaching them to live effectively with the difficult symptoms associated with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, panic, and stress-related problems.

Through its emphasis on values, behavioral commitment, and acceptance, acceptance and commitment therapy prepares patients to be increasingly present in their lives and encourages them to commit to living in a rich and meaningful manner.

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Joseph R. Scardapane, PhD
Assistant Provost and Executive Director, Saltzman Community Services Center
Director, Psychological Evaluation Research and Counseling Clinic

For an appointment, call 516-463-5660.