Secondary Science Education

Biology Education – M.A. Program

Master of Arts in Biology (Science) Education

This 33-semester hour program is for students who possess initial teacher certification in Biology in grades 7-12.  Successful completion of all program requirements leads to professional certification for teachers. The program provides advanced study in the curriculum, pedagogy, and content of the sciences. Plus, you select a cognate concentration in one of these areas (Multicultural Education, The Arts and Humanities, Educational Technology,  Interdisciplinary Studies, Bilingual Education*, or Gifted Education*) and may also add a middle-level certification extension (grades 5 and 6) into any concentration. The program conforms with the recommendations for teacher preparation by the National Science Teachers Association and the New York State Learning Standards in Mathematics, Science, and Technology.

* - New York State recognized certification areas

Program Requirements:

The major in Biology Education consists of a minimum of 33 semester hours of course work, including each of the following:

  • Introductory Courses – 6 - 12 Semester Hours
  • Content/Pedagogy – 12 Semester Hours
  • Cognate Area – 9 - 15 Semester Hours
  • Electives – 0 – 6 Semester Hours:
  • Capstone Activity – 3 Semester Hours 

An up-to-date detailed plan of study, requirements, and other important information is listed below.