Secondary Science Education

Biology Education – M.S. Ed. Program

Master of Science in Education in Biology (Science) Education

This 37-semester hour program is for students who possess an undergraduate degree in Biology. Courses in the science education program, taken in combination with the appropriate liberal arts and sciences courses, lead toward New York State initial teacher certification in Biology (adolescent education, grades 7-12). This program is designed to blend on-campus preparation with field experiences in a variety of school settings, culminating in full-time student teaching. Literacy, multicultural education, and information technology are integrated throughout all aspects of the program. Regardless of the certification area in science that is selected, the program provides necessary course work for additional certification in general science as well. This program conforms with the New York State Learning Standards in Mathematics, Science and Technology and with the recommendations of the National Science Teachers' Association.

Program Requirements:

Students admitted to the master of science in education program in Biology Education should possess a bachelor’s degree in Biology or a minimum of 36 s.h. in college-level course work in the content area of certification, distributed over specified categories.
Candidates who do not possess a bachelor’s degree in their chosen science certification area, but who have succeeded in completing a majority of the required content courses with a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 or higher, may apply for admission to the master of science in Biology education program. Upon matriculation in the program, candidates may continue to complete the required contend courses while they are completing the requirements for the master’s program. Prior to conferral of the master of science in education degree, transcripts must indicate successful completion of all required course work in the area in which certification will be sought.

The following sections delineate the science content requirements for those seeking certification in Biology. Courses for certification in general science are required of all students in the science education program at Hofstra University.

General Science (required of all students seeking certification in any of the sciences) (24 s.h.):

  • General Chemistry - 6 semester hours
  • General Physics - 6 semester hours
  • Geology (Earth Science) - 6 semester hours
  • Calculus-based Mathematics – 6 semester hours OR
  • Biostatistics or any other course work in Statistics - 3 semester hours

Biology (required of all students seeking certification in Biology) (30 s.h.):

  • General Biology - 6 semester hours
  • Genetics - 3 semester hours
  • Comparative Anatomy - 3 semester hours
  • General Ecology - 3 semester hours
  • Invertebrate Zoology - 3 semester hours
  • Plant Physiology, 3 semester hours
  • Biology electives (course work in related content area [with advisement]) - 9 semester hours