Secondary Science Education

Chemistry Education – Advanced Certificate Program

Advanced Certificate in Secondary Chemistry Education

This 25-semester hour program is for students who have an undergraduate degree in Chemistry, as well as a master's degree in this content area. You can be certified in only one year.

Program Requirements:

General Program Requirements:

  • Introductory Courses - Semester Hours: 7
  • General Methods Courses - Semester Hours: 6
  • Special Methods Courses - Semester Hours: 3
  • Student Teaching and Required Seminars - Semester Hours: 9

General Education Prerequisites:

  • Three semester hours introductory Psychology of equivalent or established competency in the field.
  • Meet the requirements of the general education for initial certification.

Content Area Requirements in the Area of Specialization: Science Education:  30 semester hours in the content area for which certification is sought:

  • Chemistry: Including Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Quantitative Analysis, and Physical Chemistry or equivalents or established competency in the field and additional course work in Geology (Earth Science), Physics, Biology and Calculus-based mathematics or equivalents or established competency in the field.

NOTE:  Students can establish some competency by documenting competency via portfolio.

For a detailed plan of study, requirements, and other important information, please view or download this Adobe PDF file.