Secondary Science Education

Physics Education – Advanced Certificate Program

Advanced Certificate in Secondary Physics Education

This 25-semester hour program is for students who have an undergraduate degree in Physics, as well as a master's degree in this content area. You can be certified in only one year.

Program Requirements:

General Program Requirements:

  • Introductory Courses - Semester Hours: 7
  • General Methods Courses - Semester Hours: 6
  • Special Methods Courses - Semester Hours: 3
  • Student Teaching and Required Seminars - Semester Hours: 9

General Education Prerequisites:

  • Three semester hours introductory Psychology of equivalent or established competency in the field.
  • Meet the requirements of the general education for initial certification.

Content Area Requirements in the Area of Specialization: Science Education:  30 semester hours in the content area for which certification is sought:

  • Physics: Including General Physics, Electricity and Magnetism, Modern Physics, Optics, Thermodynamics, Mechanics, and Quantum Mechanics or equivalents or established competency in the field and additional course work in Geology (Earth Science), Chemistry, Biology and Calculus-based Mathematics or equivalents or established competency in the field.

NOTE:  Students can establish some competency by documenting competency via portfolio.

For a detailed plan of study, requirements, and other important information, please view or download this Adobe PDF file.