About Us

The Department of Sociology in the Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences gives its students a comprehensive education in the study of society and human interaction. Through coursework and hands-on participation in scholarly research, our students develop the critical reasoning and theoretical, analytical, and communication skills needed to understand and address social problems and inequalities in global, institutional, and interpersonal social relations. Our graduates often pursue advanced degrees and go on to successful careers in fields including business and marketing, the health professions, journalism, the criminal justice and legal systems, social services, nonprofits, politics and government, and higher education.

Highlights of the Department of Sociology's programs include:

  • A diverse and experienced faculty of award-winning published scholars and researchers who work on important initiatives about human rights, gender, racial and sexual equality, human trafficking, immigration, labor rights, and sustainability, among others.
  • Collaboration with the campus Center for Civic Engagement, where you can minor in civic engagement and intern for academic credit with community partners such as the Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives, Advocates for Community Health, and the Workplace Project.
  • A campus chapter of the Alpha Kappa Delta international sociology honor society
  • Opportunities to conduct in-depth research on news-making projects such as a recent study on human trafficking, which was headed by a professor who sits on a White House panel about the subject.
  • An undergraduate major and minor in criminology, which features a lecture series on subjects such as forensic linguistics, anger management, restorative justice techniques, and wrongful convictions.

Mission Statement

The Sociology Department at Hofstra University strives to provide students with rigorous and intellectually grounded understandings of the social world. 

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Student Learning Objectives

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