Student and Alumni Testimonials

The Sociology Department’s faculty have helped me so much during my time at Hofstra. Sharing experiences with fellow students has helped me create long-lasting bonds. I am so grateful to the Sociology Department for giving me an amazing four years at Hofstra and preparing me for my future.

Amanda Lepurage '23, Criminology and Sociology major, Disability Studies minor

I think the department is comprised of well-rounded teachers who are willing to go out of their way to help us succeed.

Noah Schissel '26, Criminology major

Our department has been the most amazing part of my time here at Hofstra. I have learned more than I could have ever imagined in my classes. I have found that my professors truly care for all of their students and push them to succeed. Among my classmates I have found some of my best friends and made connections that will last long beyond graduation. I have always felt supported in all aspects of my academic career and future career goals.

Casidy Donohue '23, Criminology and Sociology major, Women Studies minor

Casidy Donohue

The Criminology Program has prepared me for the next few years of law school, and I am very grateful for that! The professors I've had during the last few years made my undergraduate experience an awesome one!

Joe Maiorano, '23, Criminology major, Political Science minor

The Sociology/Criminology Department provides many resources and support, so feel free to reach out - they are always accessible and helpful. They consistently send emails and other forms of communication to keep you in the loop. My advice is to keep an eye out and ask questions.

Gabriella Alba '25, Criminology major, Anthropology and Forensic Science minor

This department opened so many doors for me- the professors have been so welcoming and encouraging when I needed guidance or help, both professionally and academically. I am so grateful to have been part of such a connected network!

Sarah Holmes '23, Criminology major, Public Policy and Public Service minor

This department has helped to shape me in more ways that I can even explain. I always thought I would become a teacher, but now upon graduating, I will be joining the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University. The professors have always made it clear that their students have been their top priority. Whether it's a letter of recommendation or a quick meeting to chat, our professors are always there for us. I know I will keep in touch with many of my professors and classmates beyond college and cannot thank them enough.

Jessica Laguerre '23, Criminology and Sociology major, Philosophy of Law minor

Jessica LaGuerre

Sinjita Bhattacharya

I came to Hofstra knowing that I wanted to become a lawyer that aids marginalized communities. The classes I took in the Sociology Department helped me better understand why and how social problems persist, as well as what potential solutions can look like. I am so grateful for the connections I was able to make with professors in the department and the role their expertise has played in enriching my learning, as well as my understanding of the role I can play in addressing social inequality as a lawyer.

Sinjita Bhattacharya '23, Sociology major, Disability Studies and Civic Engagement minors; William H. Gates Public Service Law Scholarship recipient (Read more)

The Sociology Department is my home on campus. Not only have I learned so much from my classes, but I know my professors will support me in my endeavors, wherever they will lead me, once I graduate. I am so grateful for the connections I have made and advice I have received through this department. I think my time at Hofstra would have been much more difficult without them.

Alexarose Marcellino '24, Sociolgy major, Biochemistry and Sustainability Studies minors

Alexarose Marcellino

This department is the best and the professors make every class - both Sociology and Criminology -very worthwhile and interesting. I'm really proud to be a part of this department and will really miss everyone when I graduate!

Jenna Ricci '24, Criminology and Psychology major, Anthropology and Sociology minors

Sa'Tiea Hoyer

During my sophomore year, I had the opportunity to participate in the Herstory Workshop for Criminology students. Through this internship I was able to work with those who have had similar experiences as me (in regard to family, mental health, and relations to the criminal justice system) as well as with those who may not have these experiences but understand that changes need to be made. We collaborated on personal writing pieces that were built from things that we were passionate about. This 12-week opportunity helped me work my way out of a shell that I hadn't realized I was in and also left me with stronger writing skills!

Sa'Tiea Hoyer '24, Criminology and Sociology major, Women Studies minor 

Sociology and Criminology faculty are always there to offer support. They are super encouraging and always willing to help their students. You build great connections with your professors because of this!

Kerrie Heeralall '25, Criminology, Sociology, and Global Studies majors, Geography and Civil Engagement minors

Kerrie Heeralall

Yashika Dalal

The Sociology Department has a lot to offer in terms of great professors and internship opportunities.

Yashika Dalal '25, Criminology and Sociology major, Global Studies and Geography minors

I started my first year at Hofstra undecided about my major, but quickly joined the Sociology Department. While trying to fulfill Hofstra's required distribution courses, I kept finding myself in sociology classes. The professors always kept students engaged by relating theories created years ago to modern day issues. This understanding of society and social problems has helped me to enter an accelerated program for rehabilitation counseling. This would not have been possible without the aid of the Sociology Department and its professors who continually do their absolute best to help students.

Rachel Redmond '24 Sociology major, Human Services minor; pursuing an MS in Rehabilitation Counseling at Hofstra

Rachel Redmond

Alexis Gabel

This department has prepared me academically and professionally as I move on and attend law school. The professors here do everything in their power to help you succeed and provide a supportive environment. They helped me with networking, postgraduate applications, and internships while cheering me on through all my accomplishments. Going to class never felt like a chore. I looked forward to them and made lifelong friends in the process. The Sociology and Criminology Department and its professors are among the top things I will miss about Hofstra.

Alexis Gabel '23, Criminology and Sociology major; pursuing a JD at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law