Special Education

Special Education Advanced Certificate Programs

Hofstra University’s School of Education offers a variety of Special Education focused Advanced Certificates prepares in-service and pre-service teachers to teach all students by expanding existing professional development and certifications. Hofstra University’s School of Education Special Education programs provide a comprehensive, integrated experience aimed at developing skills and competencies in educating the exceptional child and adolescent in inclusive and special education settings. The special education programs prepare students with broad-based experiences in all areas of special education with a strong developmental focus at all levels.

Special Education Extensions

Hofstra University’s School of Education offers post master’s advanced certificates programs to certified teachers seeking their Students with Disabilities extensions:

Assessment and Diagnosis

Hofstra University’s Special Education Assessment and Diagnosis program prepares professional personnel to serve as educational evaluators responsible for identifying students in need of special educational services. This program is intended to meet the extended professional needs of teachers certified in elementary, middle and/or secondary education, reading and special education preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle and/or secondary school.

Teaching Students with Severe or Multiple Disabilities

Hofstra University’s Teaching Students with Severe or Multiple Disabilities program is designed for teachers who are certified in special education who wish additional pedagogical knowledge, skills, and experiences for Teaching Students with Severe or Multiple Disabilities in preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle and secondary school.

Gifted Education

Hofstra University’s Gifted Education program for teaching students of high ability/talents is designed for teachers who hold New York State teacher certification or for students completing an education master's program who seek a concentration in gifted education. This fully-online program leads to the New York extension for gifted education for classroom teaching certificates. Special education teachers wishing to teach students with gifts and talents at the preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle or secondary levels may find this advanced certificate necessary.

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