Student Access Services

Academic Coaching

All Hofstra students are welcome to request enrollment into the Academic Coaching Program (ACP).  ACP is a fee-based program designed to assist participants in developing their academic and study skills. The Academic Coaching Program offers a flexible and short-term opportunity to receive personalized support from a learning specialist. Sessions focus on academic and study skills, including learning style awareness and effective study methods.

The fee for this program is $2,750 per semester. Students may enroll in the program for a single semester or for a longer period. Sessions begin the second week of the term and continue through the last day of class for the semester. For each semester of enrollment, the student will receive up to 60 minutes of individualized coaching sessions per week (based on need), a semester action plan, access to SAS workshops, and a final summary of achievements and recommendations at the end of the term. Academic Coaching is based upon availability for each semester.

To learn more about this program please contact Student Access Services at 516-463-7075 or