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SAS Groups Fall 2023

All SAS groups will give students the option of either virtual attendance via Zoom or physical attendance in the SAS lobby or designated rooms in the Student Center.

Keep Calm and Carry On
Monday Nights 4-5pm • Student Center room 142
“Keep Calm and Carry On” group members are Hofstra students who may have chronic conditions or difficulty adjusting to college stressors or the transition into college. This group empowers students to find coping strategies and positive outcomes.

Adulting 101
Tuesday Nights 4-5pm • Student Center room 141

Adulting 101 is a psychoeducational group that invites students on campus to learn more about the transition into adulthood where a sense of responsibility, prioritizing and organization accompanies the topics that many adults understand including fiscal responsibility, self-care, career exploration and time management skills. Various Hofstra community staff members and departments will present weekly to provide insight on the topics discussed.

Social Network Live
Wednesday Nights 4-5pm • Student Center 141
Social Network Live is a group designed for students who would like to develop their social skills on campus. This group helps students learn ways to engage in and maintain social connections and relationships. We meet in one of the classrooms in the Student Center. This group is co-lead by Student Counseling Services and Student Access Services.

Positive Psychology Institute for Emerging Adults


Positive Psychology Workshop

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Check back soon for updates!

Check back soon for updates!