Student Access Services

Program for Academic Learning Skills (PALS)

During the past 30 years, the Program for Academic Learning Skills (PALS) has been serving students with specific learning disabilities and ADD or ADHD at Hofstra University. This fee-based program provides eligible students with an opportunity to work one-on-one with a specialist, focusing on learning, study techniques, and life skills. The PALS' curriculum fosters a dynamic, innovative partnership between students and their instructors, contributing to enriching the student experience in alignment with their unique intellectual profile and academic aspirations.

These personalized sessions target specific areas such as academics, time management, executive functioning strategies, stress management, writing proficiency skills and social adjustment. Additionally, the program serves as a connection point, linking the student to robust campus resources to provide additional support. 

The fee for PALS is $8,000 during the student’s first year at Hofstra. The subsequent years are billed at $5,500 each year.

To learn more about this program please contact Student Access Services at 516-463-7075 or