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The mission of Student Counseling Services is to provide quality mental health interventions that enhance well-being and offer students a more meaningful and successful college experience. Collaborative partnerships are developed to assist students in making essential connections within the Division of Student Enrollment, Engagement, and Success and greater University community.


Counseling services are administered by a staff of licensed psychologists, psychology interns, psychology externs, and crisis counselors. Psychology interns and externs are appointed annually and are enrolled in doctoral training programs in psychology. Interns and externs are provided with ongoing supervision of all clinical work.

Licensed Psychologists:


Merry McVey-Noble, PhD
Executive Director, Student Counseling Services
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Thea Bardin, PhD
Staff Psychologist and Assistant Director for Education and Training

Hofstra University

Luke L. M. Waters, PsyD
Staff Psychologist and Assistant Director for Outreach and Programming

Keesha Cameron

Keesha Cameron, Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist
Student Counseling Services

Psychology Interns:

YD Goldstein, MA
Jake Samuels, MA

Psychology Externs:

Anne-Marie Romain, MA
Cassandra Dorvil, MA
Christianna Ramnarine, MS
Danielle Tesoriero, MS
Malka Jacobs, MS
Meili Leung, MA
Neelam Prashad, MS
Yan Zhu, MS

On-Call Counselors:

Victoria Ciotti, MA
Kyra Friedland, BA
Shilpa Raj, MA

Please note that email is not a confidential medium, therefore we have chosen to protect potential clients with a request to contact us with more personal concerns via telephone or in person.

Confidentiality Policy

All services are provided in a confidential and professional atmosphere. Student Counseling Services takes every reasonable precaution to protect the privacy of clients. The identity of those using our services, along with personally identifiable disclosures made in the course of the counseling relationship, is regarded as confidential. Information is not shared with parties outside Student Counseling Services without the expressed written consent of the client, or where law, regulations or emergency situations require it.

Diversity Statement

The staff at Student Counseling Services is committed to the affirmation of diversity in all our endeavors. We recognize that differing ethnicities, cultures, sexual orientations, socioeconomic backgrounds, religious affiliations, ages, genders, and abilities are important aspects of students' identities. Student Counseling Services celebrates the full range of diversity within the Hofstra community, and we are committed to creating an environment of inclusion, respect, and sensitivity for all Hofstra students.

Hofstra University’s Division of Student Enrollment, Engagement, and Success is honored to be one of 18 divisions nationally on the 2017 list of "Most Promising Places to Work in Student Affairs" — produced by the Center for Higher Education Enterprise at Ohio State University, American College Personnel Association, and Diverse: Issues in Higher Education. This is the second consecutive year of being named to this prestigious list.

Hofstra University's Diversity Mission Statement