Student Counseling Services

Psychology Externship

Hofstra University’s Student Counseling Services Externship Training Program is designed for doctoral psychology students who have earned a minimum of a master’s degree in Psychology and have endorsement from their academic program. Externs receive training in individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, and psychoeducational workshops and presentations. Each extern will be scheduled for a minimum of two hours weekly of individual supervision and two hours weekly of group/peer supervision. Externs are provided with the ongoing support of the supervising staff psychologists. Supervising psychologists are trained within a cognitive-behavioral perspective and provide the structure to assist externs in developing within this theoretical framework. The externship requires 16-20 hours per week and includes a complement of both day and evening office hours.

The program adheres to PSYDNYS-NYNJADOT Externship Guidelines with regard to application submission and notification dates.

Please include the following materials in your application:

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Letter of eligibility
  • Transcripts

Please submit your application through the NYNJADOT portal. For questions regarding the externship program, please contact our training director, John Guthman, PhD.