Student Employment

Why Work?

Student employment is intended to be a learning experience that complements a student’s academic and career goals while equipping students with career-readiness competencies. Students with little or no employment history will establish work experiences and learn the fundamental skills that college graduates should obtain to be successful in the workforce.

Students will be presented with opportunities to master highly sought skills such as communication, digital technology, global understanding, leadership, problem-solving, professionalism, self-awareness/career management and teamwork.

Students will be exposed to the hiring process, such as interviewing, hiring, training, and supervision that will model real-world experiences.

Employment on campus also provides the convenience of working near residential housing, academic resources, student life, and flexible schedules.

Hofstra University employs over 1,500 students in a wide variety of student jobs each semester.


  • Flexible schedules allow you to “sandwich” work hours in between classes.
  • No car? No problem! Why spend time on the road? On-campus student employment offers a short commute!
  • On-campus student employment will provide you with greater financial independence. You may use this income to offset college expenses like textbooks and groceries or perhaps a latte from Starbucks! However you choose to spend your earnings, you are gaining experience in financial independence.
  • On-campus student employment is a unique way to self-reflect!
  • Sampling different aspects of a work environment can help you hone in on your passions. Working in a field that you are passionate about and want to spend your time doing makes a career choice that much easier.
  • On the flip side, you may identify things you don’t like and can align these preferences with your career aspirations.
  • An on-campus job can enhance your social network! Meet student employee coworkers that may become good friends. Learn from each other’s experiences.
  • Learning to interact with fellow students, staff, faculty, and customers in a diverse community can improve communication skills and develop critical thinking skills, which are all transferable to life after college.
  • Some on-campus opportunities will provide a deeper exposure to campus life at Hofstra. 
  • Learn applicable life skills. Share those experiences with your peers.

David Ramirez:

One of the most positive changes that working on campus made in me is an increase in my social skills. I used to be very shy and interacting on a daily basis with such a diverse student body helped me overcome that. I became more outgoing and approachable. I met some of my best friends while working on campus that to this day (19 years later) I am still in constant contact with. Troubleshooting all of the different issues that would come up taught me the importance of patience, both being patient with others and being patient when troubleshooting technical issues. To this day people remark on my high level of patience while I am helping them with technical issues.

  • Students with little or no employment history may establish a work record and learn the fundamental skills that college graduates should obtain to be successful in the workforce.
  • Master highly sought after skills such as communication, digital technology, global understanding, leadership, problem-solving, professionalism, self-awareness/career management and teamwork.
  • Prepare yourself for the world of work through processes of interviewing, hiring, training, supervision, relating to coworkers and the public, meeting expectations, and achievement of goals. 

Sascha Irace:

Working on Hofstra’s campus has taught me to communicate effectively with a wide diversity of people, understand the importance of protecting the students to ensure a safe learning environment, develop management skills, customer service, public speaking, professionalism, organization, and patience. I’ve also improved technical skills working with Microsoft Office, SMART Board, ADP Enterprise eTIME, Oracle Sungard Banner 8.4, OneCard, exacqVision, ReportExec, Crystal Reports 8, GP Mate, etc. Working as a student employee for Hofstra has impacted my life in a significant and positive way.

Work On Campus or Off Campus

While the majority of student employment positions are located right here on the Hofstra campus, student employment positions can be both on and off-campus.

On-Campus Employment

  • Most flexible – Most on-campus employers will work around a student’s class schedule provided your schedule satisfies departmental needs.
  • Deepen campus connections – Working on campus keeps you engaged with the Hofstra Community and your peers.
  • Diverse Environment – Learn from and exchange ideas with employees from around the globe and across multiple disciplines and interests.

On-campus positions are more than just assisting with general office duties.  As a student employee you become a larger part of the Hofstra community by partaking in the day to day activities that keep our University operating 24/7.

Are you enthusiastic?  Do you love to engage a crowd? Do you thrive on being a self-starter and getting things done? Showcase your Hofstra Pride in a customer service position.

Are you a planner? Do you love to coordinate every detail of an event? Put these skills to work in a position with Events Management.

Help to keep your campus community safe by working with the Department of Public Safety as a Student Patrol Officer or a Resident Safety Representative.

Use your American Red Cross certification to work as a lifeguard at our Olympic size campus pool.

Studying early childhood education or psychology?  Maybe you simply enjoy working with young children and having a positive impact in their social development.  The Diane-Lindner Child Care Institute offers opportunities to work in a classroom setting with children from ages 6 weeks to 5 years.

See yourself as the next Nikola Tesla or Marie Curie? Participate in cutting edge research with our world-class faculty. Take advantage of research or lab assistant opportunities.  Perfect your tech skills in positions at the help desk or student computing services.

Off-Campus Employment

Off-campus student employment is available for Federal Work Study eligible students who wish to work in Community Service or work that is within the public interest.  Hofstra University has partnered with several organizations that offer opportunities to Federal Work Study eligible students.

Get more information on Federal Work Study.

For other non-student employment off-campus opportunities please visit the Career Center.