Student Employment

Why Work?

Student employment provides students with a learning experience that complements their course of study and equips students with the skills necessary to achieve their career aspirations. Students moving through the job search process are preparing materials including resumes and cover letters, and are putting their interview skills into practice!

Why Our Students Love to Work on Campus

Learn more about the perks of working on campus…

  • Follow a work schedule that complements your academic demands.
  • Work near your residence hall, classes, and student life offices.
  • Why spend money on gas or public transportation when you can work right here on campus?
  • Put your resume, cover letter, and interview skills to the test through exposure to the job search process.
  • No experience? No problem! Most student employment managers don’t need students to have a ton of experience, and they want your on-campus job to serve as a learning experience!
  • Develop transferable skills that all employers seek in intern and entry level talent such as communication, leadership, critical thinking and more!
  • Sample different aspects of a work environment to help you hone in on your passions.
  • Work under the mentorship of our esteemed faculty and staff who are excited about acting as a resource for you during your time at Hofstra and beyond.
  • Connect with students like yourself who are taking initiative and looking to be more involved in campus life.
  • While student employment is not intended to serve as livelihood, it’s a great way to earn supplemental income to assist with personal expenses like textbooks or groceries, or maybe a latte from Starbucks!