Student Financial Services

Enroll in a payment plan online

How to Enroll in Payment Plan

Payment Plan amounts are now automatically calculated to match the balance on your account.
If the balance on your account changes, the payments will be automatically updated to reflect the change and you will receive an email notification. If you signed up for Auto‐Debit, the updated payment amounts will be processed through your bank account. Please check your email often for important updates.

To enroll in a payment plan, log in to the Hofstra portal at and follow these steps:

  1. Select the Menu Icon.
  2. Under Student Services, select Student Payment Center.
  3. Click on My Payment Center, which brings you to the TouchNet Payment Gateway.
  4. Click on Payment Plans tab.
  5. Click on Enroll Now and select the correct semester.
  6. Choose the plan you prefer and then click Select and Continue.
  7. Click Update Schedule to review payment schedule and amounts.
  8. Click Continue if all dates and amounts are correct.
  9. Select a payment method.
    1. For a previously saved payment method, click on the drop-down menu and click Select.
    2. For a new payment method, click on the drop-down menu and select New Electronic Check (checking or savings*) or New Credit Card via PayPath**. Then click Select. Enter Account and Billing Information. Check Option to Save and click Continue.
  10. Review payment plan enrollment. Check "I agree" before you click Continue.
  11. Review payment authorization. Check "I agree…" before you click Continue.
  12. A Payment Receipt will show your completed transaction.

*Important: Double-check your routing and account number or credit card number to avoid returned checks or failed payments and associated fees. Savings accounts are accepted for web checks as long as no limitations are in place with the payer's bank. Please inquire with your bank regarding their policy prior to using a savings account as a web check.

**Please note: PayPath/Heartland an independent third-party contractor charges a non‐refundable service fee of 2.95% (minimum $3) of the amount paid via credit card. The fee is established and charged solely by PayPath/Heartland and not by Hofstra University. The fee is paid in full to and retained by PayPath/Heartland; the University does not receive any of this fee.

If you have questions, you can reach your Student Financial Services counselor at or 516‐463‐8000