Student Financial Services

Make an installment payment

How to make an Installment Payment

  1. Log in to your Payment Center on the Hofstra portal
  2. Click on Payments
  3. Click on Pay, next to the due date you are paying.
    installment 1
  4. Review the installment amount and date of payment before submitting.
    installment 2
  5. Making your payment. If you are using a saved payment method, continue here. If you are going to use a new payment method, please skip to Entering a New Payment Method below.
    installment 3

Entering a New Payment Method

To choose Electronic Checking:

  1. Click on the drop down box Select Payment Method, and click on Electronic Check (checking).
  2. Click the Select button; the system then displays the “Account Information” form on the right.
    installment 4