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Seniors, we are looking forward to a year of fun and excitement as Hofstra supports you as you advance toward your goal of graduation and starting your career or continuing your education! Find out more about the Class of 2020 and the resources and events to make your senior year special!

And make sure you take advantage of our new series, How to Adult. This series of workshops gives seniors an opportunity to learn some important tips and refine some last-minute skills to be fully prepared for life after graduation.  Workshop topics range from budget management to apartment hunting to interviewing and job negotiation skills, and more! Contact with any questions.


It's your junior year! If you haven't done so already, this is the year to meet with the Center for Career Design and Development to discuss internships and career opportunities, develop your leadership skills by refining your campus involvement, and give back by participating in service opportunities.


Sophomores, the second year of courses at Hofstra offers you the opportunity for more personal development and exploration of yourself and resources and involvement opportunities on campus. We hope this list of events and resources starts you on your journey for better defining what you want your experience to be like during your four years at Hofstra!

First Year Students

First-year Hofstra students, this is an exciting time for you as you adapt to your new environment at Hofstra. There are many resources and programs beyond Welcome Week that will continue to assist you in your transition at Hofstra University. Whether you are on an Explore Next Door (END) trip into New York City or registering for the first time with your peers during the fall semester, there are many traditional events that will continue throughout your first year!

Transfer Students

Transfer students, you have a unique opportunity to begin at Hofstra with experience from another institution while meeting new peers, faculty and staff at Hofstra and finding your niche here! We have collected many resources for you and planned programs throughout Welcome Week for you to meet new students and get comfortable with the campus prior to classes starting. Check out the Transfer Peer Mentor Program through the Peer Alliance for resources, socials, and educational programs.

Annual Programming

September 11th Remembrance Ceremony

Each year we remember those who lost their lives, those whose lives were saved, and all those whose lives were changed forever by the tragedies that occurred on September 11th. We invite all members of the Hofstra community to join us for the service. Information each year is listed in HofNews on HofCasts through This Week @ Hofstra, and distributed by Alumni Affairs. 

Alcohol Awareness Week

This week of programs helps educate the Hofstra community about the dangers of alcohol. In addition, we work to educate students about the alternatives to drinking through their college years and beyond. Our goal is to give students the information they need to make healthy choices.

Hofstra Celebrates the Holidays

This Hofstra tradition works to celebrate and educate the Hofstra community about the various holidays and traditions that are celebrated worldwide. Student clubs and organizations paint the Student Center's main dining room windows to display their interpretation of these events. They also create crafts at each window and invite local groups, such as the Hempstead Boys and Girls Club, to join them and enjoy the windows while interacting with Hofstra students through various fun activities.


This series of events work to limit the stress of students while studying for their final exams. The events encourage students to take a break, relax a little, and recharge their batteries during this often stressful time. Events include yoga and massage sessions, games, and art activities. Click here for more resources to help you de-stress at Hofstra!

Things You Can Do On Your Own!

There's no reason to wait for programming! Check out 75 things every student should do before they graduate from Hofstra.

Fall Festival

This annual Hofstra tradition welcomes the entire Hofstra community to campus for a fun-filled weekend of events. We hope you are able to join us. For more information go to the Fall Festival main page.

Pride Expo

On the Saturday of the Fall Festival, student organizations come together to show off interactive booths that revolve around a common theme. The theme is voted on by the students via Hofstra’s social media pages. Once voting has ended, student organizations work on constructing their booths, showing off their creativity, while raising awareness and funds for a philanthropy of the group's choice. We invite all attendees of Fall Fest – alumni, parents, families, and students – to attend the Pride Expo and see the creativity of our students!

Hofstra's Pride Court

All Hofstra University seniors are invited to submit their candidacy for participation in the annual Pride Court. The Pride Court showcase typically takes place at 8 p.m. on the Friday of Fall Fest weekend. On the main stage on Saturday, our four Hofstra Royalty members are announced based on audience votes taken at the showcase. For information on how to apply, email