Student Managed Investment Fund

Portfolio Overview

Since the Hofstra SMIF began operations in the fall 2016 semester its equity returns through January 15, 2020 have been 52.07% versus the Russell 3000 of 47.85% and benchmark S&P 500 returns of 50.69%. The current SMIF equity portfolio has a beta of 0.77. The average equity portfolio beta since inception is 0.86. On a risk-adjusted basis the SMIF equity portfolio has produced cumulative returns of 60.51% since December of 2016.

Some notable current holdings of the SMIF equity portfolio are listed below. The analyst(s) conducting the research and making the recommendations are also provided.

Company Returns %* S&P 500% Analyst(s)
Target 52.50% vs. 14.13% *Kristin Kalish and Rachel Laporta
Alphabet Class-A 40.82 vs. 24.34% *Simranpal Singh and Akshkumar Patel
Wellcare Health 38.36% vs. 23.50% Erick Pacher
Intuitive Surgical 31.83% vs. 22.35% *William Dennehy and Matt Holmes
NextEra Energy 27.74% vs. 19.39% Shuja Akbar
Service Corp. Intl. 26.61% vs. 24.34% *Simranpal Singh and Akshkumar Patel
Walt Disney Co. 25.69% vs. 17.55% Shuja Akbar, Zach Benbrahim, Dan Figliozzi
Dollar General 25.40% vs. 19.39% Xinjia Wang and Yuheng Wu
Starbucks 23.03% vs. 19.39% Tom Maciura and Suveer Seemangal
EnterpriseProdPtr. 22.91% vs. 29.29% Kin Lam
Wyndham Hotels 19.19% vs. 17.55% Erick Pacher
Utilities SPDR ETF 15.85% vs. 14.13% William Dennehy and Richard Corbet
Pfizer 15.68% vs. 22.35% R.Finn, G.DeOlivieria, D.Klein, N.Nappi
Sherwood Property 15.34% vs. 19.39% Timothy Grief

*Individual returns include dividends and are benchmarked against the S&P 500 returns over the same holding period. The following were the original analysts who initiated recommendations for the following current positions: Nicholas Biasi (Target), Simone Sanvito (Alphabet), Dishant Patel, Hammad Imran, Kamal Pankhi (Intuitive Surgical) and Gabi Manning, Alan Chin, Kin Lam (Service Corp. International).

The Hofstra SMIF analysts would also like to thank the SMIF Supervisory Board for their work. The Supervisory Board is comprised of Trustee Frank G. Zarb, Professor and Vice Dean K.G. Viswanathan, Professor Ahmet Karagozoglu, Professor Ron Frank, and Chairperson of the Board and Dean of the Zarb Business School Janet Lenaghan. The SMIF analysts are also grateful for the support and guidance provided by Hofstra Treasurer Catherine Hennessy. The time spent with the members of the SMIF by Trustees Robert Rosenthal and Martin Greenberg is very much appreciated and valued.