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Community Standards

Adviser's Role in University Proceedings

The student's adviser may help the student prepare but may not communicate on behalf of the student at any time during the course of the proceedings. A student's adviser may attend the hearing and may communicate with the student, both verbally and in writing at all times during the hearing. In addition, the student may request one recess of no longer than five (5) minutes to confer with his or her adviser outside of the hearing room. An adviser is prohibited from addressing the hearing board or witnesses during the hearing process. If an adviser does so, or if the chairperson determines that the adviser's presence is causing a disruption, the chairperson of the hearing board shall give the adviser a verbal warning. If the adviser addresses the hearing board or a witness again and/or continues to cause a disruption, the adviser will be asked to leave the hearing. If an adviser refuses to leave when asked, the hearing will be stopped, Public Safety will be called to escort the adviser off campus, and the student will waive his/her right to be present at the hearing.