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Community Standards

P.R.I.D.E. Principles

Hofstra students have many guides, teachers, and mentors throughout their time on campus, all of whom work toward helping students reach their goals. While each student has some unique goals, we also strive to help students develop a wide range of abilities that are important for all students. A Hofstra student who is actively engaged in his/her college experience, in and out of the classroom, will develop Hofstra PRIDE, defined in the following ways:

Personal/Social Responsibility: During college, Hofstra students will develop and demonstrate the skills needed to steer their own personal, academic, and career paths and to take full ownership of their decisions, in and out of the classroom. They will engage in a process of self-discovery, and develop interpersonal and intrapersonal competence. They will develop their intellectual curiosity, and learn to engage in informed and responsible risk taking. Students who have developed personal and social responsibility are reflective and have a clear sense of purpose, and are cognizant about how their actions impact others. They maintain a healthy balance of autonomy and interdependence, responsibly manage their personal affairs, and use their time wisely.

Respect for Self and Others: Hofstra students will show respect for all individuals they encounter on and off campus, as well as demonstrating self-respect. They will become effective, appropriate self-advocates who display emotional maturity in their interactions with others. Recognizing their own strengths and abilities and seeking help as needed, they will learn the components of a healthy lifestyle and positive health decisions in order to sustain their physical and psychological well being.

Integrity, Ethics and Leadership: Hofstra students will demonstrate integrity and ethical behavior in all aspects of their lives, in and out of the classroom. They will continually work to understand themselves and the world around them, improve their collaborative skills, and work to become effective, principled leaders.

Diversity and Community: Hofstra students will appreciate the unique perspective of each individual based on his or her diverse experiences, while also respecting the responsibility to the broader community. They will demonstrate the awareness, knowledge and skills necessary to effectively engage with a diverse community. They will develop into good global citizens, as well as showing a commitment to service to one’s own community.

Expression & Free Exchange: Hofstra students understand and demonstrate the importance of respectful free expression and exchange for learning. Participation in these practices leads to the development of critical and integrative thinking, and the ability to apply knowledge across different contexts. Through dialogue and engagement, students clarify their sense of purpose, including their academic and career goals, as well as learn effective decision making, communication, and technological skills.