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Career Center: Students

Path of Pride

The Hofstra Career Center recognizes that there are several steps in the career exploration and development process. Students will discover that their career path will take many twists and turns throughout their lifetime. The Hofstra Career Center is here to assist and help guide students on their Path of PRIDE.

Step 1: Visit with a Career Counselor

  • Begin to assess your career options and begin your career development plan.
  • Learn about career exploration resources and services
Path of Pride 1

Step 2: Take a Career Assessment

  • Learn how your interests, skills, values and personality can lead you to a college major and career choice
  • Gain knowledge about yourself and what careers may be satisfying
  • Begin to develop a skills vocabulary to describe yourself
Path of Pride 2

Step 3: Research Careers

  • Utilize many of The Career Center’s online career exploration resources
  • Discuss and ask questions about careers and industries with professors, mentors, friends and family
Path of Pride 3

Step 4: Begin to Make Connections

  • Utilize the Alumni Student Konnection (ASK) to connect with alumni
  • Create and continually update a LinkedIn profile, and join Hofstra and industry groups
  • Take advantage of employer and alumni visits to campus
  • Network at career fairs, and other professional meetings and panels
Path of Pride 4

Step 5: Develop Your Career Skills

  • Join and take on leadership roles in on- and off-campus clubs and organizations, and volunteer
  • Evaluate and record what skills and knowledge you are gaining from your classes and activities
  • Draft a resume and cover letter using the Career Planning Handbook and assistance from The Career Center
  • Schedule a Mock Interview at The Career Center
  • Attend career workshops and utilize The Career Center’s instructional videos on YouTube
  • Join The Career Center for the annual Professional Etiquette Dinner and learn how to network and interview over a meal
Path of Pride 5

Step 6: Search and Apply for Internships

  • Begin to utilize The Pride-Career Management System (Pride-CMS) and Internships.com (located under MyApps on the Hofstra portal)
  • Attend on-campus career and internship fairs and networking events
  • Explore opportunities through faculty, industry websites, organizations of interest, LinkedIn, alumni and more
Path of Pride 6

Step 7: Establish Post-Graduation Goals and Plans

  • Develop a timeline for your job or graduate school search
  • Begin to collect professional references and letters of recommendation
Path of Pride 7