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Title IX

Student Campus Climate Survey: Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence


At the start of the fall 2017 semester, Hofstra University President Stuart Rabinowitz reiterated the University’s full commitment to the well-being and safety of all students and the University community, as well as to our well-established procedures on sexual assault prevention and adjudication. Our comprehensive program is designed to protect all members of our community and to provide a full and fair process for adjudicating any complaints that arise.

As a part of that commitment and in compliance with New York State’s Enough is Enough law, Hofstra University conducted a sexual assault and relationship violence survey of the student body in the spring of 2017. The survey was designed to ascertain student experience with and knowledge of sexual assault and relationship violence prevention at Hofstra, including reporting and adjudicatory processes at Hofstra, the Title IX Officer’s role, campus policies addressing sexual assault and relationship violence, the availability of resources on and off campus, the prevalence of misconduct, student bystander attitudes and behaviors, and experiences with reporting via Hofstra’s processes.

The online survey, for which multiple precautionary measures were taken to enhance individual confidentiality and the de-identification of data, was available from February 21 to March 24, 2017. All enrolled Hofstra University students aged 18 or older (10,569 students) were invited to participate via email and various other means. Fifteen percent, or 1,546 students, responded overall.

Although based on the response rate the results of the survey are not generalizable to the entire student body, the results are informative and instructive regarding the climate at Hofstra University relating to sexual violence prevention and response. 

Results indicated that:

  • Students are well aware of policies, procedures and resources (both on- and off-campus) relating to sexual assault and relationship violence at Hofstra University, including the role of the Title IX Officer and where and how to report incidents;
  • Responding students reported a low prevalence of sexual assault and relationship violence at Hofstra;
  • Most students would intervene to help a student at risk of sexual misconduct, if safe to do so;
  • A relatively modest number of students who experienced sexual misconduct while at Hofstra indicated that they reported the experience; and
  • Of those who reported, a majority were at least somewhat or very satisfied with the reporting process.

This survey was conducted as a part of a broader Campus Climate survey to the University community. A campus committee is in the process of reviewing the specific results to make recommendations to University leadership about ways to continue to improve education, prevention, support and adjudication at Hofstra relating to sexual assault and relationship violence.

The University will conduct the next student climate survey relating to sexual assault and relationship violence in spring 2019.