The NCSS contributes research on suburban cultural producers and representations of suburban life – on Long Island, in the U.S., and internationally. In the postwar U.S., cultural representations have shaped popular conceptions of the suburbs. These conceptions, in turn, have shaped our understandings of gender, race, class, and nation, the contents of our malleable "suburban dreams," and even the policies that govern urban and suburban development. "Myths of wealth and wellness," for example, may have contributed to the suburbs receiving an unequal share of federal and state resources to confront new suburban problems. Suburbs are also a critical and neglected site of cultural production itself, and the NCSS documents the work of arts organizations in suburbia.

STEAM Center – A feasibility study completed by The National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University® to explore the creation of a STEAM Center in Wyandanch.

Cultures of the Suburbs International Research Network – Hofstra University was the U.S. affiliate for this international collaborative, led by Jo Gill at the University of Exeter, and hosted the network's 2013 conference.

Suburban Arts Study – This study looks at several suburban arts organizations and how they attempt to counteract the pull of their neighboring large cities.