• Robert Brinkmann, Vice Provost for Scholarship and Research and Dean for Graduate Studies, and Sandra Garren, Director of Sustainability Studies and Assistant Professor of Geology, Environment and Sustainability, are editors, The Palgrave Handbook of Sustainability Case Studies and Practical Solutionspublished by Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.
  • Annetta Centrella-Vitale, Hofstra Adjunct Instructor of Sustainability Studies, organized the conference, “The State of Long Island’s Suburban Agriculture – Where Do We Grow From Here?” in April 2018. The event brought together local experts in the fields of sustainable food production and distribution representing current practices in both agriculture and aquaculture. There were opportunities to discuss obstacles in the local food system that are impeding sustainable progress.
  • In July 2015 Sandra Garren, director of Sustainability Studies, attended and presented research in Paris, France at the largest international scientific conference leading up to the United Nations post-Kyoto Protocol meeting scheduled in December 2015. The Paris conference, titled “Our Common Future under Climate Change,” was attended by 2,000 participants from 100 countries with the purpose of exploring the current state of global climate change science and policy from around the globe.  Professor Garren’s contribution was titled, “Comparative Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Policy in California, Florida, Texas, and New York (1990-2012).” 
  • Vice Provost for Scholarship and Research and Dean for Graduate Studies Bob Brinkmann and Director of Sustainability Studies Sandra Garren were contributors to the United Nations’ Global Sustainable Development Report, July 2014. The report was the first-ever comprehensive look at the global progress and future of sustainable development, with input and perspective from scientific communities around the world.