Tk20 Assessment Program


How to Grant an Extension for a Field Placement Binder


Clicking the green SUBMIT button and getting locked out of a binder:

• If a STUDENT clicks the green SUBMIT button, they lock themselves out of their binder.
• If a FIELD SUPERVISOR clicks the green SUBMIT button, they lock themselves AND their student
   out of their binder.

So, please be sure that your student has uploaded and saved all required assignments before clicking the green SUBMIT button.

• If a COOPERATING TEACHER clicks the green SUBMIT button, they only lock themselves 
   out of their binder.

Note to Field Supervisors:

Occasionally, students will ask you for help, stating that they cannot access or upload assignments because of locked binders. Field Placement Binders automatically lock if students have prematurely submitted; or, if you have submitted on your end.

The only way to unlock a student's binder is for you to GRANT an EXTENSION.

Instructions on How to Grant an Extension for a Field Placement Binder:

• Log into your Tk20 account and click on FIELD EXPERIENCE
• On the Assessment screen, click on the student's name who needs help
• Choose the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Placement Binder

If you have already submitted, click the REVOKE button, located at the upper right of your screen.
By clicking REVOKE, you are simply regaining access to the binder. You do not lose any previously posted evaluation data.

• Click on DUE DATES and then EDIT DUE DATES (right side of your screen). The screen below will appear.
   Please notice the existing Current Due Date/Time for the binder.
Choose a new date/time (or just a time) that is later than the current date/time and manually insert
   the new information in the appropriate boxes. Or, click on the small calendar square inside the
   calendar box and use the arrows to navigate to the new date.
• Insert a comment in the comment space stating that: Extension granted since student prematurely
   submitted without uploading and saving all required assignments.


• Click UPDATE, and you are finished.
• If you see the phrase open for editing, under STATUS (right side of your assessment's screen for
   your student's binder), you have successfully unlocked the binder.  
• If open for editing does not appear, try the procedure again.