Learn about the traditional and modern societies of Asia. This interdisciplinary program examines the cultures of Asia and explores Asia's relationships with the other continents of the world.

Why Asian Studies?

Students in the Asian Studies program learn about the traditional and modern societies of Asia through teaching, research, and service. They graduate equipped to enter a variety of career paths.

The program fosters understanding of the cultural, social, and political relationships amongst the various countries in Asia, North America, and Europe. Through additional outreach activities, students also learn about the connections between Asia, the growing Asian American communities in the New York metropolitan area, and the University.

The Major and Minor

Hofstra offers a Bachelor of Arts and a minor in Asian Studies. Courses are taught in many disciplines, including anthropology, comparative literature and languages, economics, geography, fine arts, history, linguistics, philosophy, religion, and political science. 

Students in the program are required to complete a minor in another area as part of the Asian Studies requirements; most choose to complete a double major.

Students are encouraged to study abroad in Asia, either through Hofstra or through a number of non-Hofstra study abroad programs.

This degree provides students with a broad understanding of the traditional and modern civilizations of East Asia and Southeast Asia. As an Asian Studies major, you will choose a core of four courses, concentrating on either traditional or contemporary Asia, and also take a seminar. More information

As with the major, the study of an Asian language is strongly recommended for the minor in Asian Studies. More information

Because the Asian Studies program is interdisciplinary, you will take courses in departments throughout the Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. However, there are classes devoted specifically to this course of study. Browse through our courses

In the Classroom

Learn from the Experts

Learn in small classes and receive personalized attention from faculty with diverse research interests.

Career Outcomes

A major or minor in Asian Studies will prepare you for a wide variety of career paths. Asian Studies also benefits students who are planning to go on to graduate school to earn advanced degrees in business, education, law, and other fields.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad provides students with an enhanced global perspective and understanding, which is beneficial, not only academically but also professionally. The experience also inspires personal and emotional growth. Students who have studied, worked, and lived abroad receive a unique educational experience that opens doors, new opportunities, and career paths.

In addition to Hofstra programs, many of our students have studied abroad in Asia for a semester or a summer through non-Hofstra programs or other options.

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