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Hofstra’s minor in meteorology, offered by the Department of Geology, Environment Studies and Sustainability, is for students who wish to develop a background in weather and climate studies.

A meteorology minor complements many majors, including STEM education, journalism, television broadcasting, geography, global studies, anthropology, history, math, and physics. 

About the minor

Courses are offered in introductory meteorology, climate change, weather forecasting and analysis, and natural hazards. The minor allows students to explore postgraduate studies and employment opportunities in meteorology, climate science, and weather forecasting.

If you have a stronger skill set in the liberal arts and communications, do not be discouraged from taking classes in meteorology. The program’s approach is more qualitative than quantitative. However, you will learn to understand and appreciate the application of math and science necessary for weather forecasting.

Meet Our Program Director

Dr. Bernhardt is the driving force behind the meteorology minor. He instituted Hofstra’s first “Introduction to Weather and Climate” course. In 2016 he installed three campus weather stations that gather and archive real-time data, take photos, and record time-lapse videos. Students use these weather stations for classroom and independent research projects.

Meteorology Meets Virtual Reality

Program Director Jase Bernhardt and his students research the use of virtual reality (VR) and how it may improve response to storm warnings and impact community preparation. This work aims to determine if people who watch a simulation of a hurricane are more likely to respond with appropriate measures when faced with a real storm.

Read about Dr. Bernhardt’s VR research

VR Hurricane Research

Follow the Hofstra Weather Stations

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