Early Voting FAQ

Hofstra Votes is a civic engagement campaign designed to encourage members of the campus community to register and vote. As part of this effort, Hofstra is hosting campus voter registration events and voting machine demonstrations, as well as lectures, panels, and other events addressing a variety of policy issues and reflecting a range of political views.

Voting is a responsibility and a privilege. This website is a resource to make it easier for you to register and vote. Here, you’ll find an online voter registration tool, information about registration and absentee ballot deadlines in every state, as well as guides to the various races in whatever state in which you are voting.

College students who are eligible to vote can register at their home address or their college address. If you register at your home address, you must vote by mail using an absentee ballot.

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Registering to vote is easy. No matter where you live, you can register to vote, find out if you’re already registered, apply for an absentee ballot or find your polling place at:


The most important thing is to get started early, because registration and other voting deadlines vary by state.



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