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Re-Defining "Radio" Studios to Simultaneously Create First Class Audio, Video, and Social Media Content!

The WRHU studios have been upgraded and designed for the evolution of radio in the years to come.

The expert engineers at The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication along with first class vendors (Wheatstone, RCS, Comrex, Telos, Multi-Cam, and others) have redefined “radio” studios. They built five state-of-the-art multimedia studios capable of creating top-tier audio content, video content, and social media content. Five fully converged studios, for students to learn three types of media (audio, video, social), to serve multiple communities at the highest possible levels through multiple end points (FM, Web, TV, etc.).

WRHU Radio Studio

Upgraded, multimedia “radio” studios are just one of the many reasons why industry leaders say WRHU is the number one “radio” station developing young multimedia talent today!

The staff and alumni of WRHU are very proud to dedicate our state-of-the-art primary on-air studio to Richard Phillip Cavallaro. Learn about his love of technology here.

WRHU Radio Station 360

WRHU’s State-of-the-art Five Studio Upgrade

The Richard Phillip Cavallaro Studio

On June 18, 2018, members of WRHU, The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication, and the family of Richard Phillip Cavallaro held a groundbreaking ceremony.

The new state-of-the-art multimedia/multi-platform Richard Phillip Cavallaro Studio began construction in June 2018.

It was dedicated in Loving Memory of Richard “Richie” Phillip Cavallaro ’12, Producer, Engineer, Anchor and Host.

Rich defined himself by the following...
“Blindness is not the characteristic that defines me or my future. Every day the expectations of blind people are raised, because low expectations create obstacles between blind people and our dreams. You can have the life you want; blindness is not what holds you back.”

“While Rich could not see with his eyes, he could see with his heart and always saw the best in everyone!”

In September 2018, student multi-platform broadcasters began creating live content from the state-of-the-art multimedia Richard Phillip Cavallaro Studio!

Richard Phillip Cavallaro

Richard “Richie” Phillip Cavallaro ’12

WRHU Richard Phillip Cavallaro Studio Ceremony
WRHU Studio