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Business and Data Analytics Certificate Program

Business Analytics is the study of how to transform data into insights. In these courses you will learn the basics of analytics including the basics of information description such as qualitative and quantitative data, conducting group comparisons, understanding probability distributions, how to create developing hypothesis tests, creating prediction models used in machine learning such as regression, and how to apply the techniques for business solutions.

In the first part you will use Excel to understand how to describe data, and categorize different variables, as well as understand how data is distributed. In addition, you will learn about probability and its importance in conducting analysis. Finally, the course will show you how to generate appropriate sample sizes for testing.

The second part uses excel to conduct confidence intervals for population parameters, understanding group comparisons such as the t-test. You will also use Excel to develop simple regression models, and multiple regression for predictions. Regression topics will include the inclusion of dummy variables for categorical variables, transformation of dependent variables, and assessing the prediction model.

Certificate Program Course Offerings
T1500 Basics of Analytics - Understanding Data and Analysis Get Class Info
T1501 Statistical Concepts and Machine Learning Introduction Get Class Info

QuickStart Online Bootcamps
T0022 Data Science and Analytics Online Bootcamp Get Class Info

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