Hofstra University Continuing Education

Creative Skills

These non-credit course offerings provide students with general knowledge and the development of intellectual abilities while exploring areas of interest or curiosity.

Creative Skills Categories:

Course Offerings - Art and Design
U5301 At the Potter's Wheel: A Pottery Workshop Get Class Info
U5432 Adobe Photoshop for Design: A Hands-On Computer Lab Get Class Info

Course Offerings - Photography
U5422 Photoshop Basics: Making Good Photos Look Great! Get Class Info
U5424 Photoshop Part II Get Class Info
U5451 Summer Digital Photography Workshop (Grades 8-12) Get Class Info
U5407 Getting to Know Your Digital Camera Get Class Info
U5404 Finding Your Photographic Style: An Introduction To Digital Photography Get Class Info

Course Offerings - Self Improvement
U0015 Campus Connections Get Class Info

Course Offerings - Voiceover and Improv
U7351 So You Want to be a Voiceover Actor? Get Class Info
U7360 "Yes and ?": An Introduction To Improv Comedy Get Class Info
Personal Enrichment

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