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Cultural Center

1935: The Reality and the Promise

Proposed Panels


Panel: 1935 and the Enduring New Deal  
Sponsored by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library and Museum
Lynn A. Bassanese, Acting Director
Herman Eberhardt, Supervisory Museum Curator
Robert Clark, Supervisory Archivist
Jeffrey Urbin, Education Specialist

Panel: A "New Deal" in the 21st Century? Comparing Presidential Leadership and Policy Making in the FDR and Obama Administrations  
Sponsored by the Peter S. Kalikow Center for the Study of the American Presidency
Meena Bose, Director
Howard B. Dean III, Senior Presidential Fellow
Edward J. Rollins, Senior Presidential Fellow
Richard Himelfarb, Hofstra University

Panel: Fiorello La Guardia: Race, Politics and Priests in the Great Depression  
Timothy Coogan, LaGuardia Community College/CUNY
Fiorello Fights for the Forgotten
Charles Kaczynski, Lehman College/CUNY
Syncretic Discord: Americanization Tensions Among the Polish Vincentian Fathers in New York
Abigail Mellen, Lehman College/CUNY
The Mayor's Reformers: A Daughter's Recollections of LaGuardia's Treasurer "Junie" Mellen 

Panel: Pop Goes the Decade: The Student Wiki Interdisciplinary Group Looks at the 1930s 
Joan Dupre, Queensborough Community College/CUNY
Barbara Lynch, Queensborough Community College/CUNY
Neera Mohess, Queensborough Community College/CUNY
Students: Isabella Asbrona, Sarah Denard, Nadia Garris, Sarah Naqvi, Andre Simms, Anastasia Robinson  

Panel: The Seventh Comintern Congress and the Popular Front  
Sponsored by the Historians of American Communism
Vern L. Pedersen, University of Great Falls, Panel Moderator
It's Hard to be Popular: The Marine Workers Industrial Union and the Popular Front
James G. Ryan, Texas A&M University
Communism is 20th Century Americanism: Earl Browder and the Communist Party's Americanization Campaign
Lauren Weiner, Baltimore, MD and Robert Cohen, Kingston, NY
I Dreamed I Saw Joe Stalin Last Night: The Music of the Popular Front 

Panel: A 75 Year History of Medicine on Long Island
Sponsored by the School of Education, Health and Human Services
Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine at Hofstra University
David Weiss, Hofstra University
David L. Battinelli, Hofstra North Shore-LIJ Health System
Maria Torroella Carney, Nassau County Department of Health
Lyn Weiss, Nassau University Medical Center