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Cultural Center

Participating Scholars

(In formation)

Judith Abrams
New York, NY
Yoo, Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg

Iska Alter
Hofstra University
"Waiting for Lefty" and the Idea of Betrayal

Alison Baker  
Independent Scholar
Saloon Songs for Hard Times

Donald G. Baker
C.W. Post Campus of LIU
Whither America? 1930s Popular Novelists in Search of a National Identity

Suzanne N. Berman
Hofstra University
1930s: A Decade of Public Relations Development in America

Kristen Blake
Molloy College
Franklin D. Roosevelt and U.S. Foreign Policy: From Isolation to Intervention

Gray Brechin
University of California/Berkeley
Standing in the Ruins of What We Built: New Deal Expansion of Public Education During the Great Depression and Its Contraction Today

David C. Cassidy
Hofstra University
Physics in the United States During the 1930s

Peter C. Chabora
Queens College/CUNY
Musings on Ecosystems and Seeking Extra Planets

Shawn Christian
Wheaton College
The Harlem Renaissance in 1935: On James Weldon Johnson’s “English 123”

Mark Cirino
University of Evansville
Hemingway's Thirties: A Decade of Conversion

Pellegrino D’Acierno
Hofstra University
Celluloid Empires, XIII/1935: Black Shirts versus Duck Soup -
The Cinematic Imaginaries of Mussolini's Italy and Roosevelt's America

Zenia DaSilva
Hofstra University
Pan-Hispanic Panorama '35: With a Bit About Brazil  

Gregory DeFreitas  
Hofstra University

Nora V. Demleitner
Hofstra University Law School
Still Struggling With Its Identity: Legal Education Then and Now 

Larry DeWitt 
United States Social Security Administration
Social Security in Historical Perspective: Understanding Current Policy Debates

Vincent DiGirolamo
Baruch College/CUNY
Son of the Forgotten Man: The Newsboy in 1930s Culture and Politics

Michael D’Innocenzo
Hofstra University
Will Rogers: The Humorist as Social Critic

Rob Domanski
City College of New York/CUNY
Defining the Public Interest: The Creation of the FCC, the Communications Act of 1934, and What They Mean for Net Neutrality

Joseph Dorinson
Long Island University
"Breaking the Slump:" American Popular Culture in 1935-36

Lisa M. Dresner
Hofstra University
Tarnish on the Golden Age?: Contemporary Anxieties in British and American Detective Fiction of the Early-to-Mid-Nineteen-Thirties

Sally Drucker
Nassau Community College
New York in the 1930s: The Photography of Max Drucker

Garrett Eisler
The Graduate Center/CUNY
“Premature” Antifascism on Stage and Screen: Jewish-American Drama and Film in the Era of Isolationism

Peter Eliopoulos
Middlesex Community College
The Fedora: A Statement of an Era  

Kevin J. Esch 
Hofstra University
Steinbeck Through John Ford's Lens: Adapting "The Grapes of Wrath"

Michael N. Geselowitz
IEEE History Center
Mort Hans

IEEE History Committee
Long Island, Cradle of High Tech: The Transition From Electrical to Electronic Industry, 1901-1969

Sharron Greaves
Nyack College
Pigtails and Dimples: Shirley Temple, an Iconic Symbol of What Was Right When So Much was Wrong

Carolyn Grimstead
Long Island University/C.W. Post Campus
The Actor Frank Silvera and the Federal Theatre Project 1935-39

Richard P. Hallion
National Air & Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution
Rhythms of Speed and Streamlining: The Transformation of American Aviation

Mort Hans
IEEE History Committee
Michael N. Geselowitz

IEEE History Center
Long Island, Cradle of High Tech: The Transition From Electrical to Electronic Industry, 1901-1969

Helen A. Harrison
Pollock-Krasner House & Study Center
Making Murals Modern: Social Consciousness and Formal Innovation During the New Deal 

Grant Hayden  
Hofstra University Law School

John Higgins 
Washington D.C.
The NLRA: Still Labor's Magna Carta?

Richard Himelfarb
Hofstra University

Stan Isaacs (ret.)
Race and Ethnic Issues in 1935 Sports

James J. Kolb
Hofstra University
"Miserable With You:" Broadway Songs From the Great Depression

Dean Kotlowski
Salisbury University
Paul V. McNutt and the Idea of Security in the 1930s: A Foretaste of Cold War Liberalism?

Jeffrey Kroessler
John Jay College/CUNY
Greater New York: The Sports Capital of Depression Era America

Eric Lane  
Hofstra University Law School

Daniel J. Leab
Seton Hall University
The Creation of The March of Time

Andrea Libresco
Hofstra University
When all curriculum was social studies curriculum: Whatever happened to the progressive vision of Harold Rugg?

Julia Lisella
Regis College
Weston, MA
Muriel Rukeyser and Margaret Walker: New Deal Poets

Phillip Lopate
Hofstra University
No Longer Silent, Not Yet Noir: Hollywood Films in the Mid-Thirties

David M. Lugowski
Manhattanville College
Film Authorship, Censorship and American Culture: A Tale of Two Films by James Whale in Hollywood, 1935

Paul Mateyunas
Locust Valley, NY

Celeste Mattina  
National Labor Relations Board/NYC Region Office and
NLRB Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

Charles McKay
1935: The Year the American Front Porch Disappeared From American Homes

Christopher McKittrick
Suffolk Community College and C.W. Post, Long Island University
In the Shadow of Jazz: The Secret History of New York Blues and
“Drafting” the Funnies: How Popeye, Superman, Dick Tracy, Captain America and Friends Helped Save America

Lisa Merrill
Hofstra University

Ronald J. Meyers
East Stroudsburg University
Intellectuals, Critics, and the Cold War: Seeds Sown in the 1930s

Kim Moreland   
George Washington University
"The Trouble I've Seen:" Martha Gellhorn's Novellas of the Great Depression 

Natalie Naylor (ret.)
Hofstra University
Robert Moses and His Legacy on Long Island

Toby Norris
Assumption College
Autonomy or Engagement: French Artists and Writers in the Crucible of Politics

Bez Ocko
Hofstra University
WPA Poster Project in Perspective

Ruth Prigozy (ret.)
Hofstra University
The 1930s: F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Lost Decade"

Richard J. Puerzer
Hofstra University
The 1935 Pittsburgh Crawfords: The Greatest Team in the History of Baseball?

Stanislao Pugliese
Hofstra University
An Ideology of Compensation: Fascism and the Ethopian War in the Italian American Community

John W. Pulis
Hofstra University
Between the Wars: Benito Mussolini, Haile Selassie, and the Apocalypse in Afro-American Cultural History

Susan Quinn
Brookline, MA
FDR and the Two Harolds

Kelly K. Ronayne
St. John’s University
Experimental Philanthropies and the Negro Theatre

David M. Rooney
Hofstra University
Envisioning Supersonic Flight The 1935 Volta Conference and Its Aftermath

Patricia Rossi
North Merrick, NY
The Fashion Industry: The Role and the Reponse, 1930-1939

Susan Rubisch-Gisler
Carlow University
The Impact of the National Labor Relations Act of 1935 on American Unionization

Joshua Ruff
Long Island Museum, St. Joseph’s College
"They Dress Them Up:" The Prewar Rise of Levitt and Sons, 1929-1941

Robert B. Sargent (ret.)
Hofstra University
The "Battle of the Styles" and the Hofstra Campus That Might Have Been

George L. Scheper
The Johns Hopkins University
Corporate Roles in the Construction of Modernity and "Modernism" in New York in the 1930s

Jorge Serrano
Montclair State University
W.E.B. DuBois and Black Reconstruction

Ryan Shaffer
Stony Brook University
Democracy, Fascism and Patriotism: American and German Nazis on Long Island, 1936-1945

Philip M. Sherman  
Great Neck, NY
The State of Computers in 1935

Harvey Smith
University of California/Berkeley and
National New Deal Preservation Association
The Monkey Block: The Art Culture of the New Deal in the San Francisco Bay Area

Sally Smith
Hofstra University
What do children's books tell us about the reader's world?
An examination of picture books in 1935-36 and 2010

Edward J. Smits
Nassau County Historian
Nassau County’s 1935 Charter: A Political Virus for the 21st Century

Robert T. Spiotto
Hofstra University
1935: Word For Word
A performance of famous and infamous words from the year 1935.

Judith Stallings-Ward
Norwich University
Two Faces of Anarchism: Gandhi and Durruti

Brian Stipelman
Dowling College
Love and Sacrifice: Eleanor Roosevelt’s Democratic Theory

Josh Stoff
Cradle of Aviation Museum
Airmindedness: Long Island and America’s Romance With the Airplane, 1927-1940

Claudia M. Stolz
Urbana University
Take Dos Passos Off the Shelf: Read, Reassess

Jon-Christian Suggs (ret.)
The Graduate Center and John Jay College/CUNY
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Proletarianism, Promise, and Reality in 1935

Yuki Terazawa
Hofstra University
1935: The Politics of the “New Woman” in China and the Women’s Movement Worldwide

Mary Anne Trasciatti
Hofstra University

Katie Uva
The Graduate Center/CUNY
First Houses and the Struggle for Public Housing in New York City

Thomas G. Voss
New York, NY
Huey, Charlie and Bill: A 1935 Retrospective

Patricia Welch
Hofstra University
Edogawa Rampo’s “The Caterpillar,” and the Modern Body Politic

W. Ray Kwame Williams
Rutgers University Business School
Again, Crisis Meets Opportunity: FDR and Obama Comparative Reflections 

Marshall Zucker  
Gotham Avenue School, Elmont, NY
The Seeds of Racial Equality in the United States Were Planted in Forest Hills on a Night in July, 1935