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Cultural Center

Emilie Conrad, the founder of Continuum, resides in Los Angeles, California. She is considered a visionary whose work is incorporated by an international audience of professionals from fields such as Rolfing, Zero Balancing, Hellerwork, CranioSacral, Osteopathy, Physical Therapy, Dance Psychoneuroimmunology and Physical Fitness.

Ms. Conrad has been a featured teacher, lecturer and keynoter and has led workshops throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Israel. She was born and raised in New York City where she studied ballent and Afro-Haitian dance. Her early influences were Sevilla Fort, Katherine Dunham, Robert Joffrey and Don Farnsworth. Subsequently, she spent five years as a choreographer with a folklore company in Haiti furthering her interest in Haitian dance.

In 1963 she moved to Los Angeles where she began teaching at the Actors Studio. Her novel approach to movement enriched performing artists and led to choreographing and directing many plays and performance works. Her choreography has been seen at the Japan America Theatre, John Anson Ford, Wilshire Ebell Theatre, Theatre West, Pasadena Art Museum, Highways, UCLA and Actors Studio West. She continues to develop the art of performance.

In 1974, Ms. Conrad pioneered a protocol for spinal cord injury. From 1974-1979, Ms. Conrad was Movement Specialist in a research studey conducted by Dr. Valerie Hunt at UCLA. This ground-breaking study demonstrates fluid, primary movement is essential in our ability to innovate. These fundamental movements create a rich intrinsic environment eliciting new insights into our understanding of the human body's potential to create alternate systems.

Ms. Conrad's capacity for innovation has become an inspiration to the field of Somatics, movement education and physical fitness. She has originated a dynamic workout that strengthens by incorporating multiple angles in gravity to facilitate developing diverse muscular and skeletal relationships. In support of her approach she created versatile equipment - the Explore Board and the Flight Plan.

Her love for movement inspired her to discover the essential, primary movements common to all life forms that lie beneath cultural conditioning. These fundamental movements represent a "cosmology" of life where form is fluidly mutable - dissolving and shaping itself anew.

Ms. Conrad's most recent contribution is her revolutionary concept of "The Three Anatomies." Here she defines three distinct tissue structures as the cultural, primordial and cosmic anatomies. Ms. Conrad tells us: "...becoming aware of the primordial-cosmic flows of information is instrumental in diffusing our cultural constraints and helping us to move beyond our stifling adaptive patterns, ultimately becoming a resource for health and creativity." She is the author of Life on Land, recently published by North Atlantic Books.