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Trustees of Hofstra University

As of October 2017


Alan J. Bernon,* Chair
David S. Mack,* Vice Chair
Michael Roberge,* Vice Chair
Robert D. Rosenthal,* Vice Chair
Martha S. Pope, Secretary
Stuart Rabinowitz, President


Kenneth Brodlieb
Susan Catalano
Steven J. Freiberg*
Arno H. Fried
Martin B. Greenberg*
Leo A. Guthart
Peter S. Kalikow*
Arthur J. Kremer
Diana E. Lake*
Randy Levine*
Elizabeth McCaul
Janis M. Meyer*
John D. Miller*
Marilyn B. Monter*
Julio A. Portalatin*
Debra A. Sandler*
Thomas J. Sanzone*
Donald M. Schaeffer
Peter G. Schiff
Michael Seiman*
Leonard H. Shapiro
Joseph Sparacio*
George J. Tsunis
Steven C. Witkoff*
Frank G. Zarb*


Stuart L. Bass,* Speaker of the Faculty
George A. Giuliani, Chair, University Senate Executive Committee
William Caniano, Chair, University Senate Planning and Budget Committee
Kathleen Stanley,* President, Alumni Organization
Rita Cinquemani, President, Student Government Association
Abby Normandin, Vice President, Student Government Association

Wilbur Breslin, Trustee Emeritus
Emil V. Cianciulli,* Chair Emeritus
John J. Conefry, Jr., Chair Emeritus
Maurice A. Deane,* Chair Emeritus
George G. Dempster,* Chair Emeritus
Joseph L. Dionne,* Trustee Emeritus
Lawrence Herbert,* Trustee Emeritus
Florence Kaufman, Trustee Emerita
Walter B. Kissinger, Trustee Emeritus
Ann M. Mallouk,* Chair Emerita
Norman R. Tengstrom,* Trustee Emeritus

* Hofstra Alumni