ERTS (Educational and Research Technology Services)


EdTech provides leadership and expertise in the use of instructional technologies to Hofstra’s faculty and students. We strive to inspire faculty and students by facilitating and supporting the innovative use of technology in teaching, learning, and research. Our department:

  • Collaborates and consults with faculty members on the use of instructional technology in their courses.
  • Provides instruction on the use of various technologies in teaching and learning.
  • Explores, recommends, and promotes best practices for teaching and learning with technologies.
  • Provides appropriate facilities, support services, and other resources to enhance teaching, learning, and research.
  • Advises researchers on computing capabilities both within the University and outside.
  • Advises schools and departments on the national trends of the use of instructional technologies.
  • Informs faculty and students about the national trends of the use of technology for learning.
  • Serves as the faculty and student advocate in Information Technology’s (IT) operational and planning decisions.

Our activities include:

Professional Development

  • Blackboard support and training
  • Co-curricular workshops and events
  • Microsoft Office Certification vouchers and training modules
  • Software workshops and one-on-one sessions
  • Support for faculty development
  • Support for Gmail/Google suite
  • Research support

Technical Support

  • Free diagnostics and warranty repairs (most Lenovo and Apple computers) and low cost non-warranty repairs on personal computers
  • Support for technology in the classrooms, open-access labs, and custom computer labs including imaging, testing, data collection, training, innovative uses, troubleshooting
  • Wired and wireless support for students
  • Classroom training
  • Software purchase support
  • My.Hofstra Portal support
  • PridePrint support

Teaching & Learning Support

  • Demonstrating and promoting innovative teaching and learning techniques
  • Exploring emerging technologies
  • Student support for faculty projects and assignments
  • Media conversion services and recording capabilities