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ERTS (Educational and Research Technology Services)

Acceptable Use Guidelines

Anyone you uses Hofstra's electronic resources or services is expected to adhere to the university's "Acceptable Use Guidelines".

What Is "Illegal Downloading?"

The download, use or distribution of copyrighted electronic materials, without express written permission by the copyright owner, is a violation of federal and state laws and is a violation of Hofstra University’s Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines.

The most common types of copyrighted electronic materials include:

  • Movies
  • Television Shows
  • Music
  • Software

"What will happen if I do it?"

If caught downloading or distributing copyrighted material an individual could be subject to civil and criminal action.

If caught at Hofstra an individual will lose network privileges:

  • First offense - loss of Internet access for 1 week
  • Second offense - loss of Internet access for 1 month
  • Third and final offense - permanent loss of Internet access.    

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