ERTS (Educational and Research Technology Services)

Blackboard Support Approval

In an effort to provide the absolute best Blackboard support to the student community, it is often necessary for a Faculty Computing Services (FCS) or a Student Computing Services (SCS) full-time employee to enroll themselves temporarily in your Blackboard course in order to see your course(s) and identify any problems that may exist. If we are unable to do this, our staff can provide very general tips for courses but we are unable to provide instructions or solutions for specific situations that may arise only in your course. As a result, you (the professor) will be responsible for the majority of the support related to your Blackboard course.

Current university policy requires that you give us permission to enter your Blackboard course. If you wish to give full-time SCS and FCS employees permission to enroll themselves temporarily in your course in order to provide you and your students service as described above, please fill out the form below. This form is only valid for the semester it was completed (Fall, January, Spring, Summer [all sessions]) and must be re-submitted every semester.

When staff members enroll temporarily with the instructor role in the course, it allows us to:

  • See all parts of a course, even those that you have hidden
  • Check all of the settings for objects in your course
    • i.e. PDFs, word documents, external links, etc.
  • See who is enrolled in your course
  • View all work submitted by students to your course

FCS and SCS staff members will never:

  • Modify any part of your course
    • Any problems located will be reported to you for examination and correction. At your request, we can resolve the issue for you.
  • Provide any other individual with information that is protected by either Federal Law or Hofstra privacy regulations
  • Enter or modify an exam
    • All students will be instructed to contact you (the professor) for assistance with any exam related questions
  • Modify any work already submitted by students
  • Enroll non-full time employees that work for our department (i.e. student assistants) as instructors in your course
  • Remain in your course longer than the time needed to provide technical support to a student or to you
    • FCS/SCS staff members will unenroll themselves from your course once they are done providing assistance