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Emergency Procedures
In case of an emergency, call 516-463-6789

Reporting an Emergency

If you witness or are involved in an emergency at Hofstra University, call for emergency services by dialing X36789 or 911.

When 911 or X36789 is called, Public Safety personnel are dispatched to the scene, and appropriate emergency services are notified. On campus there are fifty-eight (58) emergency telephones (or “blue lights”) that connect to the emergency line in the Department of Public Safety. When one of these call phones is activated, the Public Safety dispatcher is automatically given the location of the box and Public Safety personnel are dispatched.

The emergency response plan designates the Department of Public Safety as the initial contact for reporting all emergency situations and for response to and resolution of all emergencies. In the event that the Hofstra Information Center is deemed not secure because of its close proximity to the emergency, the Student Center will be designated as the command center. If that also is affected by the emergency, another area will be designated by the Director of Public Safety.

Upon receiving the report of an emergency, the Director of Public Safety or designee will make an initial judgment about the level of response required and will communicate with appropriate personnel as outlined in the plan.

In case of an emergency, call 516-463-6789