Simply choose the form that you need, print it out, and complete it. Please follow the directions for each form as they are all different. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Academic Records/Registrar at 516-463-8000 (Option 2). All completed forms should be emailed to or dropped off at the Welcome Desk in Memorial Hall, Room 206.

Student Forms
Adjusted Full-Time Status (Graduate) Authentication or Apostille Request
Change of Name Diploma Replacement
Enrollment Verification/Certification FERPA Student Release
Graduation Application (Graduate) Graduation Application (Undergraduate)
Pass/D+/D/Fail Request (Undergraduate) Pass/Fail Request (Graduate)
Registration Form Repeat Course Request (Undergraduate)
Academic Department Use only
Registration Override Form Request for 2000-Level Course
Section Change form Waiver and Substitution form
Dual-Degree Conditional Acceptance form Dual-Degree Waiver/Substitution form
Dual-Degree Change of Interest form