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Anthropology Faculty

Timothy Daniels
Office: 200A Davison Hall
Phone: (516) 463-6366
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Sharryn M Kasmir (Department Chair)
Office: 200E Davison Hall
Phone: (516) 463-6955
E-mail | Bio

Cheryl Mwaria
Office: 200B Davison Hall
Phone: (516) 463-5589
E-mail | Bio

Bradley D Phillippi
Office: 200C Davison Hall
Phone: (516) 463-4093
E-mail | Bio

John Pulis
Office: 200F Davison Hall
Phone: (516) 463-5832
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Adjunct Faculty

Anne Buddenhagen
Office: 207 Davison Hall
Phone: (516) 463-5230
Email: E-mail | Bio

Ann Feuerbach
Office: 200D Davison Hall
Phone: (516) 463-2423
E-mail | Bio

Patricia Hardwick
Office: 200D Davison Hall
Phone: (516) 463-2423

Kristen Hartnett-McCann
Office: 200D Davison Hall
Phone: (516) 463 2423
E-mail | Bio